This photo session happened a few days before the official start of Spring. After a long, wet winter I was hoping to catch some warm sunset light during golden hour..It had rained on and off all day long, we got lucky we had some sun at the end of the day, still it was partially cloudy and windy, not to mention it was quite chilly. We made it work anyways..

I had Jastine pose for me in a few of my favorite places around town, next to Steiner's, at the Barracks and near a vineyard in Gehricke Rd. We ended up shooting the last few captures almost in pitch darkness. She was great and I am glad I got to work with her.

I used the Impact 34" beauty dish for my monolight and Magmod modifiers for my speedlights. Most of the images were taken using my Canon 70-200 f2.8L but I also enjoyed using my 100macro f/2.8L (that I find very pleasant for portraiture) and my 50mm f/1.2L.