Hiking at Sugarloaf State Park

How adventurous to go on a hike with this beautiful family at Sugarloaf State Park in Kenwood. The redwood trees, the waterfall, the creek, the rocks..giant leaves, moss..it was dreamlike and we had a great time. Not to mention how I LOVE photographing families in my community, it fulfills me deeply.

From a technical point of view, I had my backpack filled up at max capacity (=heavy) and a tripod. I managed to get most of the captures with my Magmod light modifiers, only a few picts were taken setting up an umbrella. I used my 24mm a lot to include the stunning nature around us. More intimate shots were taken with the 70-200 and my one and only 50mm 1.2.

Despite being deep in the woods and being overcast, the sunlight shined strong reflecting on the water and the rocks providing this unusual light quality, strong highlights and beautiful colors.

After our trek, we descended to the valley and stopped at a winery near by for some wine country photos.. What a fun day.