Wine Country Romance

This romantic photo session was meticulously planned, from wardrobe to location. We chose Gundlach Bundschu in Sonoma as a backdrop for featuring the love this couple has for each other and even borrowed a vintage car to complement the vibe we were trying to achieve. Jane and Shaun were amazing through it all.

It is always challenging to photograph under midday Summer sun, not only for the light condition but also because of the heat. It was over 90 degrees and I had to use a 3 flash set up at full power to override the sun. 


The vintage Volvo was such a great prop to have. I have to thank my neighbor for it. He had it parked outside of his house for such a long time I forgot about it and then a few days before the session I saw him driving it and he was so kind to agree to let us use it.

We ended up the session by walking around Gundlach beautiful gardens and we were lucky we could also enter into the wine cave, a must when in wine country. 



A Sonoma Summer Wedding

A family of twelve, a stunning estate, a beautiful day.. I had the pleasure of photographing Jaclyn and Mick's wedding during Summer, it was a very hot day in wine country; I arrived early to take some pictures of the bride getting ready and also to explore the property. I had the opportunity of getting to chat with all the guests and it was very nice getting to know them all.


Jaclyn was stunning and when she arrived in her beautiful dress accompanied by her father, emotions were intense. 

The ceremony was perfect, brief and fun, the groom's older brother officiated and made everyone smile. You could tell they couldn't wait to be married, oh the joy!

Despite being past 6pm, the sun was relentless, it took a lot of flash power to overcome it. I had my friend Monica assisting me and I couldn't have done it without her help, we had a 2 flash set up at all times and a 3 ocf with 600W mono for a few of the captures.

We had lots of fun playing around with the family pictures, great personalities call for exceptional photos..


We left the party at dinner time, as the day was done and the sun finally set, I had the brief opportunity of taking the few last images of the day. 

Baker Beach Photoshoot

Luz and Joe modeled for us at Baker Beach during a fun workshop with one of the most awarded photographers in the US: JB Sallee. Here are some of the photos post processed to create a timeless vintage look.

A new life in Sausalito

Monika and Alessandro moved to Sausalito last year, after having visited other places, they felt a true connection to this magical town and knew immediately it would become their new home. They live and work a few blocks from the Sausalito Yacht Harbor, which proved to be the perfect location for taking a few personal shots while we working on their restaurant pictures. The fog had just opened up (for those not familiar with the area, that means it was 12pm), chilly as always and windy as only Sausalito can be. We made it through and it was totally worth a few shivers..