Petaluma vibes

This photo session with this beautiful family was my last of 2017, sometime in mid November. I think fondly about this session because it was right before my trip to Italy where I broke my I am grateful that at least I could close the year with a nice walk and so much fun taking my friends' pictures..

Petaluma is the coolest place for taking photos, I love the art, the textures, the eclectic architecture that sees early 20th century glorious buildings stand side by side with shacks, barns, grain mills and warehouses. It was once the Egg Capital of the World, it is said Petaluma had 600 million hens around town..

The riverfront walk is a vibrant location where the new and old meet, not sure if in harmony but in a real interesting way. Depending on the time of the day you can see the most beautiful reflections in the water. It is so picturesque with two bridges and charmingly colorful with graffitis and street art in every corner. Not to mention you can also get close to old wagons and watch new ones operate on the railroad close by. What fun for my little friends to witness all these exciting features at once.


We walked along the river and in just a few minutes we passed by several locations that were picture worthy, we tried to take advantage of them all..always keeping the kids entertained and letting them have fun running around and exploring. I liked this urban setting and I am sure I will be back for more..



Who doesn't love ice cream?

A summer day cannot be complete without a trip to the ice cream store..especially when you have two fun and energetic young boys to photograph, what's a better way to accomplish it than promise ice cream in return for a few smiles?


These two made me laugh..walking around town kept them entertained and we were able to get some awesome captures. 


..and they sure deserved their ice cream at the end!! ;-)