Ella & Moms

Somewhere up on a hill in Sonoma..

Somewhere up on a hill in Sonoma..

A wonderful sunny morning, a stunning property, two very fun dogs (Chico and Winnie) who can play fetch for hours and Ella & Moms..what a perfect day!



Ella is so sweet, she enjoys her moms company so much, she loves her dogs and chasing bubbles..There was so much laughter, so many hugs and so much love, it made my job blissful and I enjoyed capturing every moment.

She gave me eyes, she gave me ears; And humble cares, and delicate fears; A heart, the fountain of sweet tears; And love and thought and joy.
— William Wordsworth, The Sparrow's Nest

Ella helps her moms grow a bountiful veggie garden, that's where we started our session. Two carrots out of the ground and the fun began..

The property has a little creek running through it, we went to the little bridge for some romantic photos, then climbed up to the old barn, that came accessorized with an American Flag, cables, a fire extinguisher and I added my own twinkle lights..how could I ever ask for more?


There is also a big oak tree that proved to be Ella's favorite climbing spot. We played catching bubbles on the lawn and we ended up inside the house, where all the architectural elements so well designed provided the perfect backdrop to end our session, catching some family interactions while getting a snack ready and finally relaxing on the couch.

I love these images so much I would hang them in my own house....