With a huge and intense production process behind them that starts in the Mediterranean forests harvesting Quercus Suber bark and ends in an industrial factory that employes massive machinery and cutting edge technologies, corks are amongst the most natural and ecological products in our every day life reality. Sustainable, recyclable and good looking, they may look all the same at first glance, but when inspected under a 100mm macro lens all of their individual features come to light and it was a big challenge for me choosing which ones to photograph. I considered texture, color, growth rings, imperfections and overall esthetics before I made my choice. I diffused the flash several times and bounced it around never lighting them directly, so I could preserve all of their texture and keep highlights down. 

This assignment was performed for a cork company called Ganau and my photos will be published in their advertisement in the publication Wine Business Monthly.


Salon Novo: urban organic in rural Sonoma

Flash, extreme angles, gels, grid and snoot: all the things I used to create images with an urban feel and portray the unique and refined style of Salon Novo and of its owners, Andria and John. They are masterful hairstylists with impeccable taste and unmatchable skills. Their Salon is elegant and contemporary and functions as a hub for local artists to display their work. 

Sandrino, from Italy to Sausalito.

What a better choice than the ever enchanting Sausalito for opening a new 100% authentic Italian restaurant that specializes in pizzas and wines?

Alessandro and Monika, owners of Sandrino, moved to Sausalito last year, straight from Trento, Northern Italy. Their cuisine is truly Italian, with simple, fresh and high quality ingredients. Pizzas are extraordinary, made with dedication and with Alessandro's personal (secret) dough recipe. 

It takes several days and so many steps to bring the dough to completion. Every day they make fresh grissini and focaccia for their guests to enjoy. I think I gained a few pounds on this job! Loved every bite of it!

#sandrino #authenticitalianfood #italianpizza

Brittany Rea, artist in residence

I met Brittany and I knew I would like her work. Edgy, strong, assertive ceramic pieces made into jewelery, decorative objects and pottery. She is the artist in residence at the Sonoma Community Center, for 6 months she had the opportunity of working at the ceramic studio, focusing on her projects while interacting with the local community. Her residency will culminate with an exhibition of her work entitled INTRO SPECTATE, opening June 3rd with the reception from 5-7pm, to July 1st 2016, at the Community Center. Her website is